Video & Photo

Getting Close to

Presenting, producing, filming and editing the travel video series.

The United Nations Research Institute for Social Development

Production and editing of a video for UNRISD’s 2010 Report on Combating Poverty and Inequality. Shown at the launch of the flagship report.

History in a bottle

A documentary about a man’s passion for diving in the Halifax harbour. He proves one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

Halifax’s pet detective

Meet Canada’s first pet detective. (Aired on East Link television February 2010).

Preventing Islamic Extremism within the UK

A documentary examining the UK government’s Prevent strategy for tackling terrorism at its roots. With a 46 million pound budget, Prevent has come under intense scrutiny for failing to deliver on its objectives. A new review aims to address these problems, but many Muslim leaders and security experts are concerned that it still doesn’t address the ideological threat of terrorism.

Video training

CTV’s Canada AM

  • Production and guest coordination experience

Sky News Politics

  • Production experience

City University London

  • International Broadcast Journalism (television and radio)

University of King’s College

  • Television journalism
  • Radio journalism
  • Documentary television


European cities