Ask me to write your articles, press releases and copy for print or web. Having written for various organizations and holding two Journalism degrees, I am equipped to conduct interviews and gather information. You will get a product that is clear, engaging and relates directly to your audience. These are some examples of my writing:
The Government of Qatar's web portal.
The European Commission's citizen web portal.
"The end of photojournalism in Russia"
An article on the evolution of photojournalism in Russia from Soviet times to today. Published in King’s Journalism Review. April – 26 – 2010 Read the article
"Uranium mining in Atlantic Canada"
An article based on a leaked cable revealing mounting fuel prices and an increased interest in clean energy sources have created a growing demand for nuclear energy, which in turn has sparked increased attention towards Canada’s untouched uranium deposits. Read the article
The First Pint, the international's guide to London